Transboundary initiative for restoration of the Eastern Imperial Eagle’s population in the Southern Caucasus

Increase of the Georgian population of Eastern Imperial Eagle by increased availability and protection of existing and potential nest sites.

The project will be implemented in the transboundary zone of Georgia and Azerbaijan, which is most important area for breeding populations of the Eastern Imperial Eagles in the Caucasus Eco region.

The project will be implemented by SABUKO, in partnership with Azerbaijan Ornithological Society and its official scientific branch in Zakataly region.

To achieve the expected outcomes, the project aims to create sustainable ground for further success of breeding pairs and to increase their number, through:

  • Developing artificial nest platforms and sites;
  • Developing existing forestry practices and creating new afforested stands along transboundary line;
  • Involvement of different governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, as well as local society in order to increase the sustainability of project results;
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of local biodiversity and its conservation;
  • Initiating an educational campaign among young generation and their involvement in the project activities;
  • Creating local Eco-Clubs, composed by young and motivated nature lovers to participate, support and promote project activities
  • Creating sustainable network of Eagle Monitors to support daily monitoring activities and assess conservation measures effectively