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Sabuko at Batumi Birding Festival

Sabuko actively participated in the annual Batumi Birding Festival 2019, held on September 2-7.

The festival included several main activities: daily monitoring of bird migration from different spots and data analysis at the end of the day; also presentations and discussions.

Natia Javakhishvili, director of Sabuko hosted a discussion on illegal hunting within the scopes of the festival. Representatives of local non-governmental, governmental and international organizations participated in the meeting. Sabuko has been actively involved in monitoring of illegal hunting in Georgia for last several years. Another panel, led by Javakhishvili highlighted the importance of Eastern Imperial Eagle’s conservation. Since 2016 Sabuko has a special program for their monitoring and conservation. Organization tagged 15 chicks. Unfortunately, 12 of them are not alive anymore. To support Sabuko’s research and conservation work, please follow the link.

Sabuko did not forget about children either and prepared fun and interesting activities for more than 30 child and 20 adults about migration and challenges, birds have to face each year.