Raptor Migration in Ajaria


Idea & production: Batumi Raptor Count & Georgian Center for the Conservation of Wildlife

Written by: Wouter Vansteelant, Johanna Yourstone, Jenny Eikestam, Michael Tholin

Illustrated by: Johanna Yourstone, Jenny Eikestam, Klara Århem

 Design by: Zoltán Turny


Brief description:

Of all of these beautiful travelers there is one type of birds that can be seen in incredible numbers in Ajaria, more than anywhere else in Europe and Asia. These are the raptors, and everybody who lives on the foothills of the Pontic Mountains near Kobuleti or Batumi knows the time when hundreds of thousands of these birds will be circling over their homes. A long stream of birds that sometimes does not seem to end. These raptors make Ajaria a very special place, and many people will travel there from across the world, just to see this spectacle.

In the article you can find answer to the following questions: What are raptors? Where can you find raptors?  Who are Masters of the air?  And etc.


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