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Killing birds is not cool

Project addressed the illegal killing of raptors in the coastal part of Ajara (South West Georgia), which has recently been described as one of the most important migration bottlenecks in the world.

Killing (shooting) of raptors in the region is widespread and forbidden by law. SABUKO and  Batumi Raptor Count, has developed an approach based on awareness rising, education and involvement of local people, in order to create a support basis which will facilitate enforcement of the law. This approach has already proven to be highly effective in the ‘core villages’ where the program has been applied.

During 2014-2015, SABUKO expended this approach over the entire bottleneck. Children from the villages where hunting is most intense and who have often been involved in the illegal killing themselves, were addressed in the project. It envisages a combination of actual educational activities and the creation of local capacity to ensure the long-term sustainability of the program.

In the end, 4 ‘wildlife clubs’ were established.  They were jountly leaded by SABUKO and BRC. Playful  way to a range of techniques to explore birds and biodiversity was introduced during the summer camps.

SABUKO keeps eye on the villages and problem illegal killing.