GEO Nature Day Mid-June

In the past 20 years, GEO, the magazine, organizes an awareness weekend, involving thousands of people interested in nature. While the main events are focused in Germany and involve a lot of professional natural scientists, everyone all over the world is invited to join. This year, SABUKO joined with two events.




With Eco-Club pupils from Kasristskali we explored the biodiversity around the school. It was combined with games, showing how live is connected.

Boys and girls in the age from 12 to 17 could name many of the plants and even had a use for most of them. While the presence of rosy starling (Pastor roses / Sturnus roseos) is common for them, the excitement about finding a complete clutch on the ground was still huge!

On a second excursion families met above Mukhatgverdi Cemetery near Tbilisi. Children and adults alike were fascinated by the number of insects we met. ‘We often spend time in nature, but we have never been aware, that there is so much diversity!’, commented one of the participants. They also learned how to distinguish innocuous snakes from poisonous ones. That nature provides a lot of helpful remedies could be practiced on an unpleasant sting. And curiosity was sparked by the noisy nightingales. ‘They sing during daytime? Why are they then called nightingale?’


Participants of both SABUKO events have been conferred by GEO with the non-official award of participating 2018 at the farthermost place from Hamburg Baum wall