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European Breeding Bird Atlas ( EBBA2) In Georgia

A New European Breeding Bird Atlas – EBBA2 is an exciting new challenge for European ornithology providing vital data for conservation. It is one of the most ambitious biodiversity mapping project ever attempted. It should be noted that it is already second time that Georgia participates in a project. The new Atlas is expected to document changes in breeding distribution of all European bird species. EBBA2 will cover 5 years of fieldwork in more than 50 European countries, including European part of [...]

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Transboundary initiative for restoration of the Eastern Imperial Eagle’s population in the Southern Caucasus

Increase of the Georgian population of Eastern Imperial Eagle by increased availability and protection of existing and potential nest sites. The project will be implemented in the transboundary zone of Georgia and Azerbaijan, which is most important area for breeding populations of the Eastern Imperial Eagles in the Caucasus Eco region. The project will be implemented by SABUKO, in partnership with Azerbaijan Ornithological Society and its official scientific branch in Zakataly region.   To achieve the expected outcomes, the project aims [...]

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