Birdwatching Camp in Kolkheti National Park

Very pleased to see that birdwatching is getting more and more popular in Georgia.
Kolkheti National Park has hosted 3 days Youth Camp for 15-17 years old girls. During these fantastic three days, the participants learned about local birds, the identification and counting methods. They also passed, wildlife photography in theoretical and practical courses. Also, National Park Ranger has given a talk about importance of particular protected areas.

This event was organized by the Friends’ Association of the Kolkheti National Park, through the support of the Peace Corps in Georgia. As a trainers and facilitators, Mr. Aslan Bolkvadze and Mr. Gizo Seskuria (Monitoring Team of Illegal Killing of Birds in Batumi Botteneck activity) been kindly invite from SABUKO. They have also given a talk about bird migration and its main threats along the black sea coast.