Education Component manager

Position title – Education component manager For Imperial Eagle Conservation in Georgia


Project Summary

The Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) is classified as globally vulnerable and decreasing by IUCN. The steppe zone of East Georgia and West Azerbaijan forms an important breeding and wintering site holding an estimated 45-60 breeding pairs (Demerdzhiev et al. 2011). Strong evidence indicates that the population’s growth has been halted by the depletion of suitable nest sites, and its recovery is still constrained by this factor. Despite a good reproductive success, the lack of nest sites prevents the recovery of the eagle population.

The aim of the project is to address these constraints, and bring about a population increase in this threatened species. Towards this aim, we will employ direct conservation measures, supplemented by awareness-raising and involvement of the local communities.



Tasks Description:

  • Creating national “Eco-Clubs” / (composition of young volunteers/nature lovers – Site Care Takers)
  • Developing Educational programmes and materials;
  • Developing communication materials;
  • Conducting Annual talks to school children between 8 and 16 years old from 10 surrounding villages of project sites and villages
  • Participating SABUKOs projects and contributing to development of SABUKO


  • Bachelor degree (Master is preference) in Biology Ecology or  Natural Resources Management
  • Experience in conducting trainings or giving lectures
  • Experience in management and planning
  • Interest in bird and nature conservation is desirable
  • Knowledge of English (writing, speaking)
  • Flexible to travel in east part of Georgia
  • Driving license is desirable


  • Salary will be agreed according to person’s experience;


  • SABUKO – Partner of Birdlife in Georgia is fast growing NGO with projects in Nature conservation field;
  • SABUKO gives young people platform to write their project and help them out in fundraising
  • SABUKO – gives valuable experience persons who just start their career
  • SABUKO is welcome to every initiative which protects nature and creates favorable condition for wildlife.

How to apply for the position:

Please send us your CV  and Cover letter which express your interest in announced position, by 20 of December of 2017    via email to

Only selected candidates will be contacted.


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